AKD_letters(Association for Knowledge Development) is…


“… an organisation that allows people to study English. Most of the students can get a real knowledge from the volunteers from around the world.” Saroun, 21, Student


“…a wonderful project, which gives local students the opportunity to learn English. ”    Olli, 24, Volunteer


“…important to me & neccessary for children which are learning English right now. So, AKD helps them to get educated, therefore AKD share knowledge also in many other things.” Miny, 22, Student

“…a symbol of humanity for me. This great family is such selfless, after having a simple livelihood the most important to them is to ensure the project & give the children of Cambodia an education opportunity. ” Katharina, 25, Volunteer


“… giving me the international language that I want to study for using and understanding the universal language. On the other hand AKD provides me the knowledge without asking for something from me.” Nhao Khouch, 21, Student


” …for me more than a school. It is a non governmental organisation, a great family that cares about this amazing project of giving free English education to young students by volunteer teachers from around the world. I would invite everyone to get to know the project and encourage themselve to help. ” Graham, 51, Volunteer


“…good for me, because I can speak English because of AKD. I get knowledge about the difference in culture and food from Asia and western Countries. The volunteers like to share and help. ” Arn, 19, Student


“…a warm, fantastic community. The focus of the project is excellent and everybody really cares about making sure that it is the best it can be. Volunteers and students are enthusiastic and happy to be here. ” Anita, 22, Volunteer