Support and Donate

Help us to keep this project running!

AKD provides English classes to around 200 children, teenagers and young adults, living in and around Battambang. The school fee is between $0 and $2 per month, according to what each family can pay. The few volunteers bring in $5 per day for the costs, but much more is needed.

For the past ten years, AKD has been supported by an American couple, but this ended in July 2016. This is why AKD launched the bicycle and tuk-tuk tours. These can replace some of the lost income, meaning that AKD is one step closer to becoming self-sufficient.

Sadly, this isn’t enough to make the school completely independent. Tourism fluctuates during the change of seasons and the industry is highly competitive. Because of this, AKD school still relies heavily on donations and volunteers’ help.

We understand that backpackers are often on limited budgets and as such, donations from volunteers are appreciated but not expected. As a volunteer, if you do not wish to donate money, you may prefer to consider any of the following items:

  • School supplies: pencils, pencil crayons, pens, rubbers, sharpeners, glue sticks, white & coloured paper.
  • Teachers’ material: whiteboard markers, notebooks, hole puncher.
  • Educational games.
  • Story books for children, to fill the library (age range 5-10 years).
  • Picture books for children.

Please don’t bring class or workbooks, since there is a school system and the school is working with specific books.

Non-volunteers can help too! If you would like to help underprivileged Cambodian children by supporting their education, you may wish to make a donation of school supplies or money. To donate money online, please click the link below. Any amount, however big or small, is a huge help.

Bank account for donation:
Name of the Bank: Cathay United Bank
Account number: 060-1011-900120-2

Thank You!

From Kamnat & his Family
the kids, students & Khmer teachers
& the recent volunteers who lost their heart at AKD