AKD today

The Students, Teachers & Volunteers

The Students

Currently the school accommodates more than 200 students from around Battambang. They are taught by the local teachers or present volunteers from around the world. AKD offers classes from basic levels to advanced, including conversation classes. The school hosts all ages, from 5 years on. The children are accompanied by local teachers to ensure a learning effect. The education is basically for free.

The students who are able to pay a small fee are asked to support the school with $2 monthly.

Since 2018 there is also a small fee for class & workbooks to provide more efficient learning. If the students are unable to cover the costs the books will be paid by generous donations from volunteers or outsiders.

The Teachers

AKD can afford to pay eight Khmer teacher a small expenses allowance for their help. They are assisting or leading the basic level classes to ensure the learning effect for the children by translating to Khmer and being constantly in contact with the children. Mostly the Khmer teachers are university students, who are willing to help the young generation of Khmer people. In addition, they gain employment experience and improve their own English skills while interacting daily.

The Volunteers

To aid the teaching of English language the family invites English speaking volunteers from all over the world to take part in the project. The volunteers support the students with practising conversation, pronunciation and by leading as well as assisting classes.

Many volunteers are very proactive and involve themselves further with creative ideas to improve the school. In cooperation with the Family the Volunteers can lead projects in other areas such as marketing, decorating, or the tourism department.

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